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All domestic cagebirds can be infected with intestinal parasites (worms). While the degree of infestation varies widely – young birds are those most likely to suffer this danger, particularly so if bred in large outdoor aviaries. Infestation usually occurs via contact with wild birds by way of droppings on food, greenfeed or cage fittings.

Symptoms of worm infestation vary according to the degree of infestation, but generally unthriftyness is usually a fair indication. This can be followed by a loss of appetite, diarrhoea and increasing thirst. Birds at such risk should be treated on a regular three monthly basis. As well as regular worming treatment, great care should be taken with aviary hygiene. All cages should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after treatment.

Both ANTHEL Three in One Bird Wormers and the larger two Aviary Wormers contain dl Tetramisole as their active ingredient. Cage birds can be infected with three internal parasite species, namely the common Roundworms (ascaridia galli), as well as Caecal Worms (heterakis gallinarum) and Hairworms (Capillaria spp). Tetramisole is the anthelmintic of choice for the treatment of all three types. ANTHEL Three in One Bird Wormer has no harmful side effects on cage birds, nor will it depress egg laying, It requires 15 times the correct dose to produce any lethal effects. It presents no health danger to other domestic pets or children.

ANTHEL Three in One Bird Wormer is a small 4 mL wormer for the treatment of a single or pair of small cage birds ie: canaries or budgies. Active ingredient is Tetramisole 2mg/mL. Sufficient to treat 100 gram live weight of bird it is presented blister packed in a graduated syringe type applicator for addition to the birds’ drinking water.

ANTHEL Three in One Bird Wormer (AVIARY PACK). In presented in two sizes, in a blister packed 115 ml bottle, and a 500 ml larger bottle. Active ingredient is Tetramisole 4 mg/mL. Most aviaries contain a wide range of cage birds. All will need to be treated equally. ANTHEL Three in One Wormer is administered to the bird’s drinking water. Birds may ‘go off’ their feed if unwell or carrying a worm infestation, they will however drink.

bullet-whitebg.jpg Dosage

At the dose rate of 1mL of wormer to every 50 gram live weight of bird, the 115mL bottle is sufficient to treat 350 gram of cage bird.
Listed below are the average live weights of most cage bird species. The weights given are for fully grown healthy birds.

Bird Type Body weight
Budgerigar  40 grams
Canary 16 grams
Gouldian, Black-throated and Long Tailed Finches
Zebra Finches

15 grams
10 grams
Small Parrots
Bourke, Elegant and Turquoise Parrots
Blue winged Parrots
Mulga and Red backed Parrots
Green shouldered Parrots

30 grams
50 grams
60 grams
50 grams
Rose throated Superb and Regent Parrots
Red capped Parrots

120 grams
100 grams
120 grams
Little and Purple Crowned Cockatoos
Galah and Little Corella
Long Billed Corella & Pink

120 grams
70 grams
350 grams
600 grams
Flock Pigeons Crested
Bush and Forest Bronzewing
Common and Racing Pigeons

70 grams
240 grams
200 grams
250 grams
500 grams
Bar Shouldered
Indian Turtle
Senegal Turtle

45 grams
120 grams
140 grams
40 grams
100 grams
King and Red Backed
Brown and Stubble Quai

50 grams
100 grams

Example: an aviary containing 10 Budgerigar, 10 Zebra finches, and 2 Brown Quail together have a total live weight of 700 grams. 700 gram of birds require 14ml (2 caps full) added to one days drinking water.

ANTHEL three in one Bird Wormer must be added to fresh drinking water at the rate of 1mL of wormer per 50 gram live weight of bird. Ensure that the wormer is added only to drinking water that will be consumed in 24 hours. Water consumption will vary, depending in geographical location and/or season of the year. It may pay to measure the amount of water drunk over a 24 hour period. Alternatively it may be administered orally to larger birds or added at the appropriate dose to wet feed.

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Anthel Bird Wormer is available direct from the manufacturer


Anthel Bird Wormer 4ml - $6.70 (incl gst) + P/P

Anthel Bird Wormer 115ml - $17.20 (incl gst) + P/P

Anthel Bird Wormer 500ml - $42.75 (incl gst) + P/P.

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